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Tax Pro Niagara Drop Off Service
For Dropping of Your Documents to Our Secure DropBox with /without an Appointment

Step One -  Use our Handy Checklist to gather required paperwork.  Check out the Forms Section for additional forms you may need.  Fill in the Client Information Form.

Step Three -  Gather up your Paperwork and place it into one labelled envelope or Ziploc bag - please take paperwork out of original mailing envelopes. 

Step Four -  Drop your paperwork off to our Secure Drop Box at least 24 hours ahead of your phone Appointment.  If you do not have an appointment, your paperwork will be placed in queue.  During our busy season please allow 10-14 days for turn-around.

Step Two - Request a Drop Off through the Book Online Tab.  (If a phone appointment is not required please email to request a drop off and please make sure to fill in the Client Information Form and drop it off with your paperwork.)

Step Five - We will phone you at your scheduled appointment time, or we will schedule a follow up call if no phone appointment is required. Easy! 

For Rental/Small Business/Driving Income we will require your Income and Expenses to be organized and  compiled (do not drop off your receipts).  If you do not already have a system, we can supply you with a handy spread sheet to use - send a request via email @

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