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Tax Pro Niagara FAQS

You've got Questions - We've Got Answers

1. How much will it cost to File my Taxes - all Services and Pricing are listed here - we do not charge per T4 slip.  Rental and Business Taxes include personal tax filing.

2. How do I pay Tax Pro Niagara for my Tax Return - please see payment options here

3. Are you doing In Person Appointments? - currently we are doing Phone Appointments only.  This keeps your family and our family safe, and it is the EASIEST way to file your taxes.  Why are we doing phone only?  Tax Season is a very short and very busy portion of the year and also happens to fall during a very active Flu/COVID season.  We cannot run the risk of falling ill during this time because of how busy we are.

4. Why would I choose Tax Pro Niagara?  One of my favourite Questions!

  • We are a family run, small business located in the Niagara Region, and when you support a small business you are supporting a family in your own community. 

  • We are the highest rated Income Tax Service in Ontario!!  check out our reviews 

  • We are the proud recipients of the St. Catharines Standard Readers Choice Award for Top Rated Income Tax and Bookkeeping Services from 2018-2022   

  • We Are listed as the Top 3 Tax Services in the Region for the past 5 years in a row!  check this out 

  • Our rates are amazing!  We are honest, upfront and Affordable.

5. Do I need an Appointment?  - First time clients will require a phone appointment, returning clients do not. 

6. What can I expect during my Phone Appointment - great question, click here to find out!

7. How do I get my documents to Tax Pro Niagara?  You have two easy options!  1) Physical Drop Off and 2) Digitally Send them in.  Click on each to find out more.

8. I have medical expenses - now what?  - click here for a form to fill out and send in with your taxes

9. What about the staycation tax credit?  - click here for a form to fill out and send in with your taxes

10. What about charitable donations?  - click here for a form to fill out and send in with your taxes

10. I have more Questions!  Please check out our Handy Links Page for information about...

  • how to pay the CRA

  • What are considered medical expenses?

  • How do I contact the CRA

  • How do I set up Direct Deposit

  • What are Employment Expenses?  What are Business Expenses?  What are Moving Expenses?

  • How do I set up a CRA account?

  • What is the Home Buyers Amount?

11. I have Business Income, Rental Income, Driving Income or Employment Expenses - please send an email to to request a form to fill in for these types of expenses.

12. Do you have a checklist I can use to prepare?  Yes - please see the Forms Sections of the website of click here!

13. I need Information about the Disability Tax Credit.  Where can I find this?  Please click here for info!

14. I worked from home last year, do I claim Simplified or Detailed? 

      A) If you were working from home and it was not due to the pandemic, you will have to claim Detailed and you will need a signed T2200 from your employer to do so.  

      B) If you were working from home due to the pandemic you have a choice between the two.  Rule of thumb is that if you paid rent, it is better to claim detailed and if you weren't, then simplified.  Please find more information about this on our links page.  You can read about how to claim and what to claim there.  If you are claiming detailed, please email to request a form to fill out.

15. I paid rent or property tax, how do I claim this on my taxes?  Do I get a refund for this expense?

Great Question!  The simple answer is that these expenses do not affect your tax return/refund in any way unless you are claiming business or employment expenses.  They affect something called the Trillium Benefit, and the general rule is that if your income is under $45,000 for the year you should qualify.  Please visit our links page to find out more information about the Trillium Benefit as well as other Family Benefits.

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